Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Tugas 2


Soal 1

Exercise 33 :
Because / Because of

1. Because

2. Because

3. Because of

4. Because

5. Because of

6. Because of

7. Because of

8. Because

9. Because

10.Because of

Exercise 34 :
So / Such

1. So

2. Such

3. So

4. So

5. Such

6. So

7. Such

8. So

9. So

10. Such

11. So

12. So

13. Such

14. So

15. So


Soal 2

Conjunction (Connection)


Conjunction is a joiner a word that connects parts of a sentence. Conjunction can use to link words, phrases, and clauses.



1.     Coordinate Conjunctions

Coordinate conjunctions are used to link some words, phrases, and clauses.
Besides that, coordinate conjunctions are used to link the elements of sentences
that have equal level. The function of coordinate conjunction is to join to
sentences that do not rely on each other for meaning together.


2.     Subcoordinate Conjunctions

Subordinate conjunctions are words which are used to link subordinate clauses
with the main clauses in the complex sentence. Main clauses can stand alone, do
not depend on subordinate clauses while subordinate clauses can not stand alone,
should depend on the main clauses. Most of subordinate conjunctions are from



1.     Coordinate Conjunctions


         We must participate or she will be fined.

         Ady is a smart and handsome boy.


2.     Subcoordinate Conjunctions


         Because of his laziness, he do not pass the examination.

         Cindy practice english hard, because of my motivation.